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Operation Christmas Cheer

‘Operation Christmas Cheer’ is a project that will help provide Christmas to over 3500 orphans in 37 orphanages throughout Ukraine who otherwise will not get to celebrate Christmas due to lack of funding. The children will be blessed with a Christmas gift and a party with wonderful food and a Christmas program celebrating Christmas/New Year. A great project for your Church, Sunday school, Friend, Office, Family…
A very kind and loving sponsor/volunteer, Kristi Kerr is volunteering to do this fund raiser with Life2Orphans, Inc. on and will be the contact for your donations -   kchara@aol.com

Sponsors are asked to donate or raise $100.00 (more funds are appreciated for larger orphanages) per orphanage and send their donations, along with the name of the orphanage(s) they are sponsoring via the link and/or address below no later than December 28th. Christmas/New Years is celebrated on January 7th . Directors will be notified funds are on their way.
Please e-mail Kristi Kerr to tell her which orphanage you will be sponsoring.  As each orphanage is chosen it will appear on the Sponsored List below. We are so happy to say that we have FOUR orphanages partially or fully sponsored (please see below).

Multiple sponsors for each orphanage are welcomed.


Sponsors, if sending donations via Paypal, click on the link below:


Or send by check to:

Life2Orphans, Inc.
“Orphanage Name”
6326 E. Sandra Terrace
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
**All Donations are Tax Deductible**
Orphanages Needing Christmas Cheer
  1. Antoshka , 60 children age 0-4 and now a rehab center for local special needs children
  2. Bolgrad for the Deaf, 70 children, age 5-17
  3. Boyarka,  90 children, ages 0-4
  4. Cherkassy, 110 children, ages 0-4
  5. Chernivsti  Baby House, ages 0-4
  6. Happy Childhood (formerly Children’s Hope), 200 – 300 orphans/children -  $50.00 (partially)
  7. Children’s House of Chernivsti, 40 children, ages 4-11 
  8. Dnepropetrovsk, 180 children, ages 0-4
  9. Druzhkovka, 226 children, ages 4-35
  10. Gorlovka, 290 children, ages 7-17
  11. Green Forest, 187 children, ages 6-18
  12. Green Forest Baby Orphanage, ags 0-4
  13. Izium, 55 children, ages 1-16 - $100.00 +
  14. Kalinovka,  120 children, ages 7-17
  15. Kharkiv #1, 120 children, ages 0-4
  16. Kharkiv #2, 120 children, ages 0-4 - $100.00 + maybe
  17. Kharkiv #3, 105 children, ages 0-3
  18. Kirovograd, 120 children, ages 0-4
  19. Khmelnystkiy, 94 children, ages 0-4 -  $97.00
  20. Kmitov, 70 children, ages 6-16
  21. Kremenchuk, 100 children, ages 0-4
  22. Makiivka Aids, 0-4
  23. Ladyzhin, 120 children, ages 4 - adult
  24. Magala, 67 children
  25. Nadvirna, 80 children, ages 0-4
  26. Odessa #3, 165 children, ages 0-4
  27. Pervomaysk, 92 children, ages 7-14
  28. Roschitsa, 44 children, ages 3-7
  29. Shakhtyorskiy, ages  4-adult
  30. Source of Life, 35 children, ages 3-17
  31. Svalyava, 156 children, ages 0-4
  32. Teterevka,  Bible Orphan Ministry
  33. Torez, 260 orphans, 12 to adult
  34. Ushomir, 190 children, ages 6-16, Bible Orphan Ministry
  35. Yalta, 70 children, ages 0-4
  36. Yolotchka, 120 children, ages 0-4
  37. Zaporzhia, 142 children
 Sponsored :

Izium: $100.00 +
Kharkiv #2:  $100 +
Happy Childhood: $50.00 (partially)
Khmelnytskiy: $97.00 



Natalia (Bedridden Orphan) sends her Thanks to our Sponsors and Donors for all your Love and Care!!!

Dear Sponsors and Donors, Your Kindness and Love means the world to the Bedridden Orphans and makes life worth living. Thank you for all you do for the Bedridden and other orphans of Ukraine!!!



Tylenol / CIB Project

THANK YOU to all our donors who participated in the project. Thanks to you we were able to raise $2,834.40
Today in Ukraine, there are an estimated 120,000 orphaned children living in orphanages and thousands more living on the streets. In a country where the average standard of living has decreased by eighty percent over the past fifteen years, poverty and sickness are brought on by the inability to provide adequate nutrition and health care. Least able to fend for themselves are the special needs children who have been abandoned and orphaned. The ones most in need are the children in special needs institutions. They cannot fend for themselves at all. They not only are starving to death from malnutrition, but are in pain as well from the lack of medicine available to them.

Operation - Save Maxim

Maxim http://www.tenfororphans.org

We are teaming with www.TenForOrphans.org for Maxim!


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