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Bedridden Orphan Project Card Fundraiser

We are very happy to announce a fundraiser to benefit the Bedridden Orphan project.  


Thank you so much to all the donors to this project - we have raised $2047.00 to date for this project!!!

Think of these windows as saving lives, because that is what they do for the Bedridden Children.

These wonderful pictures show how special these children are and the need is so great!

Without new windows the children will be susceptible to cold/drafts and it will be very difficult to keep them warm this winter.

It is very hard to keep the orphans well during the winter months and this just adds to the risk of their lives.

You receive cards that will promote the Bedridden children, so you will be getting/doing THREE things at one time, promoting the bedridden orphans, getting some beautiful cards and giving funds to keep the orphans warm.

You can buy a pack of 12 glossy cards to support urgent needs of bedridden orphans.

All proceeds of this card fundraiser will benefit the Bedridden children and their many needs.  

One very large need is for 17 windows at a total estimated cost of $3,600.00. 

Please see the below message from our In-Country Coordinator:

"Dear Megan,

They have 9 rooms with bedridden children and there is a need of almost two windows in every one of them (one can be fixed and just does not open). The cheapest estimate is a cost of approximately $3,600.00.  After the holiday they will be able to get the contractor out to get the exact estimate. 


There are 24 pictures represented and there will be a combination of 12 in each pack.

These are 5X7 Glossy cards and are packed in units of 12 cards to a pack.

The cost of these cards will be $21.00 per pack by check.

Please send your check to:

Life2orphans, Inc.
6326 E. Sandra Terrace
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

You can also pay by Paypal: $21.00 + .67 = $21.67