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It’s Christmas time again this year.  I am sure you are all pretty busy with all kinds of preparations for this coming celebration.  It is such a lovely time of year as we all celebrate with our loved ones.  We think of others and remember to by being generous to others.  It is a time of great excitement for our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and we delight in giving to them, and we cherish the joy and excitement they feel as they open the presents we spent so much time finding.  We feast, watch Christmas movies, and share Christmas traditions with our loved ones.  It is a time of laughter and fun and thanksgiving and probably the greatest joy is the happiness we see in the faces of those we love and cherish.  And we are blessed! 

For those that need to quickly donate – Please note Christmas Cheer (name of Orphanage or not) Donate to CHRISTMAS CHEER DONATION and please see below for “Letters from Santa” to send a very special child’s Santa Letter.

But across the ocean in the lovely country of Ukraine there are children, many children, who don’t have parents or aunts or uncles or grandparents or friends or neighbors out shopping and planning for them.  They have lived their lives as orphans, alone.  Their days are full of schedules and caretakers and though the care may be adequate it still lacks the love and traditions and celebrations of a family. 

Life2Orphans has, for 13 years, been striving to make a difference in the lives of these children.  Having raised money to provide heat, food, clothing, medical, special needs equipment, a roof over their heads and other necessities of life they have also raised money to fund a Christmas/New Year’s celebration for many of Ukraine’s orphanages.  Their Christmas is shared on January 7th.  Last year alone, because of the generous gifts of many, they were able to send a total of $6,125 which fully funded Christmas parties in 38 orphanages and for many refugee families.  Imagine the delight in the faces of these children when they wake to their own Christmas celebration.  Imagine the witness of love to these precious ones.  Imagine the sweet pleasure of being the hand and heart extended to these children and families by your generous gift. 

This year has been difficult in Ukraine.  War has left many with little or nothing.  Orphanages have had to welcome even more children and the number of children in each orphanage has risen and so have the costs and needs of the orphanages.  It is definitely a year when these children need a little bit of laughter and celebration and a time to remember that love still remains.  Your gift of $115 would fully fund most orphanages/refugees and shelters (added this year) so they can have a Christmas/New Year’s party and other will require a bit more.   

Or you can purchase a special ‘Santa Letter” for $10.00 for a special child in your life and all proceeds goes to ‘Operation Christmas Cheer 2015.  

Please see Elaina’s -  'LETTERS FROM SANTA' 

Perhaps you aren’t able to do this full amount, but you could conduct a little fundraiser and raise this amount for these precious little ones.  Your gift will make a tremendous difference in the lives of these children.


We thank you from Life2Orphans, our volunteers, sponsors, orphans, caregivers and the deepest place of giving in our hearts!! 

These are the orphanages we are funding and please feel free to pick out the orphanage/refugees you wish to donate to:  

Please e-mail (Ruth Chaves - ruthchaves@msn.com to tell us which orphanage you will be sponsoring and the amount.  As each orphanage is chosen it will appear on the Sponsored List below.

We are so happy to say that we have orphanages partially or fully sponsored (please see below).

Multiple sponsors for each orphanage are welcomed.

Please see how to pay below:


Life2Orphans, Inc.

“Orphanage Name”

6326 E. Sandra Terrace

Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

**All Donations are Tax Deductible**

 Orphanages... Needing Christmas Cheer 

1. Antoshka/Makiivka Aids (Makiivka Orphans escaped war)60 children age 0-4 - FULLY FUNDED –$200.00 – HOORAY!!!  

2. Bolgrad for the Deaf, 70 children, age 5-17

3. Boyarka, 90 children, ages 0-4, orphanage and needs funds for diapers  - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!  

4. Cherkassy, 110 children, ages 0-4

5. Chernivsti Baby House, ages 0-4

6. Happy Childhood (formerly Children’s Hope), orphans, special needs children and families….. 350+ at any time - $300.00 - Funded PARTIALLY

7. Dnepropetrovsk, 180 children, ages 0-4

8. Druzhkovka, 400 special needs orphans from Torez, Shakhtyorskiy and other local special needs children/older orphans - PARTIALLY $225.00 

9. Gorlovka, 290 children, ages 7-17- FULLY FUNDED – $160.00 – HOORAY!!!  

10. Green Forest Baby Orphanage, ages 0-4

11. Green Forest, 187 children, ages 6-18 - FULLY FUNDED ––$330.00  – HOORAY!!!

12. Izium, 55 children, ages 1-16 - FULLY FUNDED ––$165.00 – HOORAY!!!

13. Kalinovka, 120 children, ages 7-14

14.  Kharkiv #1, 120 children, ages 0-4 

15. Kharkiv #2, 120 children, ages 0-4 

16. Kharkiv #3, 105 children, ages 0-3 

17. Khmelnitsky, 94 children, ages 0-4 - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!

18. Kirovograd, 120 children, ages 0-4 – FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!

19. Kmitov, 70 children, ages 6-16

20. Kremenchuk, 100 children, ages 0-4 - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!  

21. Ladyzhin, 120 children, ages 4 – adult 

22. Magala, 67 children 

23. Makiivka AIDS, 60 children, ages 0-4 

24. Nadvirna, 80 children, ages 0-4

25. Odessa #3, 165 children, ages 0-4 - FULLY FUNDED –$200.00 – HOORAY!!!  

26. Orshivtsi,

27. Pervomaysk, 92 children, ages 7-14 - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!  


29. Source of Life, 35 children, ages 3-17 - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!  

30. Svalyava, 156 children, ages 0-4

31. Slavyansk Orphanage (has former Torez orphans), 400 older orphans

32. Teterevka, 90 orphans/children, 5-30 years old - FULLY FUNDED –$125.00 – HOORAY!!!

32. Ushomir, 190 children, ages 6-16 - FULLY FUNDED –$125.00 – HOORAY!!!  

33. Zaporzhia, 142 children

34. Zhytomir –

35. Kiev #26, Mental and Physical Developmentally Challenged, 190 children, ages 7 -16

36. Kiev #14, Deaf, 110 orphans, ages 7-16

37. Refugee Families at Happy Childhood, 100 children and adults - PARTIALLY FUNDED –$115.00 

38. Mykolayiv - Children's Social Rehabilitation Center/Shelter, 40 children - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!  

39. Kherson - Children's Social Rehabilitation Center, 38 children - FULLY FUNDED –$115.00 – HOORAY!!!