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PROJECT MACH: Makiivka AIDS Children's Homes

PROJECT MACH: Makiivka AIDS Children's Homes is no longer active

PROJECT MACH: Makiivka AIDS Children's Homes
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Vera's Family
Vera's family does not have any Sponsors yet.
Svetlana's Family
Great news! Svetlana's family is completely sponsored. We are so thrilled that each of the children in this wonderful family have their very own Sponsor. This is an extremely low income family and they will now be getting some much needed aid to care for their children living with HIV.
Luyidmila's Family
This family is in particular need of nutritious food and outdoor play equipment. Lyudmilla's family still has three girls in need of Sponsors

Makiivka AIDS Children’s Homes is a sponsorship program designed to help HIV positive orphans know the love of a family. The children within the sponsorship program previously resided at Makiivka AIDS Orphanage in Ukraine, and are now living in families which are loving, long-term placements. Each of the families are raising 6-8 HIV positive children and they are located in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Your sponsorship support will enable them to stay in a family. Each child or family is matched to a Sponsor. We ask the Sponsor to send at least 2 parcels a year, and include a personal letter (which we will translate for you). You can also send (to Life2Orphans via Paypal or check) money for a birthday party (budget $50 to include all the kids in the family). You are most welcome to send general donations to the family, too. More frequent parcels are also welcome.

Please contact Bethany, the sponsorship coordinator, with any inquiries: info@positivelyorphaned.org

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