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Operation - Save Maxim

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Maxim was born in October of 1997. He has been diagnosed with Rough Mental Delay, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, and low Paraplegia. He desperately needs surgery, which is available in the U.S., but there are no physicians in Ukraine that can help Maxim. His legs are in a split position, therefore, he is barely able to sit up, and then it is only for very brief periods of time. As a result, he has spent a majority of his time in a laying position for the past 14 years. As Maxim grows, it is more difficult for him to get around, and he is having other health issues. He has a form of spina bifida called Myelomeningocele. It is the most severe and occurs when the spinal cord/neural elements are exposed through the opening in the spine, resulting in partial or complete motor paralysis and sensory deficits within the parts of the body below the spinal opening. The paralysis may be so severe that the affected individual is unable to walk and may have urinary and bowel dysfunction. Another complication of spina bifida may be a Chiari II malformation, which can also result in a blockage of cerebrospinal fluid, causing hydrocephalus. The buildup of fluid puts damaging pressure on these structures. Hydrocephalus is commonly treated by surgically implanting a shunt—a hollow tube—in the brain to drain the excess fluid into the abdomen. Maxim is also in need of a shunt placement. Please visit this link for more info on spina bifida and related complications: http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/spina_bifida/detail_spina_bifida.htm#... Maxim is absolutely cleared for international adoption, however his physical condition is delicate and unstable. As a result, transporting him to the U.S. will take special arrangements. Despite all of the above, he is one of the most engaging and lovable children you ever could meet! He picks up English very easily, and with the help of a special program (Individual Orphan Caregiver), he has significantly expanded his vocabulary. He can now pronounce words and sounds more clearly and audibly, and he can join words into sentences. Please watch this precious video of Maxim practicing his English:

The recent announcement from a family who is committed to adopting Maxim is an exciting development for him! Randy and Tina Kacirek announced this wonderful news, and you can read their announcement via this blog post. This caring family is perfectly suited for Maxim and his needs! And there is more wonderful news as they will be adopting Yulia along with Maxim. Please follow their blog and progress here: http://www.kacirek.blogspot.com One of the main barriers between Maxim and adoption are the expenses involved. In addition to typical expenses, there may also be considerable transportation expenses due to the complexity of transporting him to the U.S. Because of this, the Kacireks are investigating different options for travel. They have also contacted some Spina Bifida specialists to help them with his medical evacuation plan. As a result of the complexities involved with his transport, the expenses to adopt him may reach $35,000 or more. The full amount has yet to be determined as transportation arrangements have not yet been solidified. Currently, he has a grant of $8,177.50 available for his adoption, which was raised through Reece's Rainbow, but that will only cover a portion of the expenses. Maxim has been waiting a long time to come home. If you can help the Kacireks bring him home sooner rather than later, it would be such an encouragement to them. They are very grateful for any donations and are humbled at God's provision. They are also equally grateful for the prayers over their family and Maxim. Life2Orphans is accepting donations on Maxim's behalf to help raise the funds for his adoption and transportation expenses. L20 has been advocating on his behalf since 2005, and in the past, raised funds for his medical evaluation. Please see the fundraising project details for that below. During the past year, he was also listed on Reece's Rainbow. Although Maxim has been listed for many years, we are hopeful that his desperate situation may finally be near resolution. Please help him not have to wait any longer! You can help by sharing about the financial need with others and by donating online here:

Life2Orphans is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charity, and donations are tax deductible. Contributors will receive a receipt for their donations for the previous year. There is an approximate 3% fee on payments over $500 made through PayPal. To avoid the fee or for your own preference, please consider making a donation by check using your bank's free Bill Pay option. Checks can be mailed to: Life2Orphans, Inc. 6326 E. Sandra Terrace, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 Please make the check out to Life2Orphans, Inc. and write "Maxim O." on the memo.


Previous Fundraiser for Maxim: HOORAY – we reached the goal of $1,000.00 on January 18, 2011. With many thanks to all our wonderful donors for their kindness and love for Maxim!
We are very lucky here in the USA. Not only do we have most of the world’s best Doctors and can get tested for a diagnosis and treatment, but we can get the medication or maybe an operation we need to help us get better. Not everyone has that luxury.

There is child named Max...

Maxim has Spina Bifida. He needs an operation to help him walk.

What we know: He cannot have this operation done in his region and from what we understand there have not been any successful operations done and the children have passed away during the operation.

1. There are no doctors and no funds to do these operations on children with Spina Bifida in Ukraine.
2. The only diagnostic equipment available at the Donetsk hospital is an outdated x-ray machine.
3. All tests need to be done by private companies and it is very expensive.
4. Maxim is a delightful child and is much loved by everyone that meets him and all at the orphanage. The director was in tears when he spoke of Maxim. Maxim deserves more in his life and he has so many possibilities to advance in life with his capabilities .

So, the question is: What can YOU do to help Maxim get his operation?

Give a monetary donation. This will help:

1. Pay for a place to stay outside of Ukraine for Maxim and a Nurse.
2. Driver/Gas to Locations and back and forth for tests and back to Torez Institution
3. Nurse to travel with him
4. Place to Stay/Food…
5. Any X-rays, CT scan, MRI...
6. All other Tests Needed

Maxim really needs our help. He could be the first of many children that could receive a test or procedure because of your love and generosity It’s all up to you!
You can make the difference in this child’s life forever. You can help him walk across the floor to play with his friends. You can change this little guy’s world so that he is smiling and not in pain.


If you are interested, please contact questions@life2orphans.org or donate online - at http://www.life2orphans.org/cms/node/83 and help Maxim today!

As a note…the other great and wonderful choice is….Are you ready? He is available for Adoption and it would be incredible, if we could get him to the United States to have this operation and have his forever mommy and daddy to be there with him all the way!!!!!