Life2Orphans Hat Project

The Life2Orphans HAT PROJECT was begun in honor of Lilla Fields (aka Gammy). This special Grandmother's love of knitting and crocheting was the inspiration for this very important and very successful project! The goal of our hat project is to provide handmade hats for every child in the Life2Orphans orphanages - NEARLY 6000 children!! The hats can be crocheted, knitted, sewn - if they are handmade, they count!

HERE are some EASY Hat patterns!
Some wonderful patterns for clothes, toys, hats, scarfs, and more!
Check out the "Babies: Newborn - Toddler", "Children's clothes and toys", and "Winter-warm patterns" links!

As of February 20, 2007, hats have been handmade with love for 4,508 children.

Even if you're not a knitter, there are many other ways you can help the children!
Just click on any of the orphanage names to view their individual needs and special projects!!

Orphanage # of children # of hats
still needed
Orphanage # of children # of hats
still needed
Antoshka 160 COMPLETE! Lyubotin
Medium & Large
250 250
Berdyansk 300 COMPLETE! Makiivka AIDS 93 COMPLETE!
Bolgrad Deaf
Medium & Large
70 COMPLETE! Mykolaivka Internat 220 COMPLETE!
Infant, Small & Medium
110 COMPLETE! Nadvirna 80 COMPLETE!
Infant, Small & Medium
155 COMPLETE! Odessa Orphanage #1
Infant, Small & Medium
Children's Hope
Small, Medium & Large
50 COMPLETE! Odessa Orphanage #3
Infant, Small & Medium
Chinadievo 120 COMPLETE! Peretchin
Medium & Large
260 260
Dnepropetrovsk 180 COMPLETE! Pervomaysk Internat
Medium & Large
127 127
Gorlovka Internat 240 COMPLETE! Roschitsa
Small & Medium
Sevastopol Internat #1
Medium & Large
Gradisk Internat
Medium & Large
187 COMPLETE! Sevastopol #1
Medium & Large
65 65
Green Forest Internat 152 COMPLETE! Sevastopol Street Shelter 25 COMPLETE!
Green Forest Orphanage 130 COMPLETE! Slavyansk Internat #2
Medium & Large
180 180
Izium Orphanage
Infant, Small, Medium & Large
55 55 Source of Life
Small, Medium & Large
Kharkiv Orphanage #1 Rybalko 120
COMPLETE! Sneznoye Internat 168 COMPLETE!
Kharkiv Orphanage #2 Kuznezkay Street
Infant, Small & Medium
120 120 Sumy Internat
Medium & Large
March 2007
Kharkiv Orphanage #3 Korchagintsiv Street
Infant, Small & Medium
105 105 Sumy Preschool
Small & Medium
Kharkiv Slinko Street
Small, Medium & Large
160 122 Svalyava 156 COMPLETE!
Infant, Small & Medium
94 COMPLETE! Torez Special Needs
Medium & Large
Kiev Orphanage #12
Medium & Large
Infant, Small & Medium
130 COMPLETE! Zhitomir Internat
Medium & Large
Kremenchuk 145 COMPLETE! Zhitomir Orphanage 125 COMPLETE!
Infant, Small & Medium
60 COMPLETE!      

Many thanks to the ladies of Hope Lutheran Church - Needle Works, Fargo, ND
for their generous contributions to this project!

136 wonderful hats were knit by the Orange County, CA knitters.

Vicki "Nana" Knutson has crocheted 150 hats...and counting...for the orphans!

 Thanks to you all!

Shipping Information

When you are ready, please ship your hats to:

Life2Orphans Inc.
Gammy's Gift Hat Project (please designate orphanage of choice)
5805 SE Gladstone
Portland, OR 97206

(Please click HERE for packing & shipping instructions)

Any questions? Please contact Kathy Olmstead

Special THANKS to our Hat Project Contributors!

Hope Lutheran Church Needle Works-Fargo, North Dakota
InterFaith Council- New Albany, Indiana
Ladies Circle A Methodist Church - Warsaw, Missouri
Bayview Manor Knitters -Seattle, Washington
Orange County CA Knitters - Orange County, California

Lisa Bush Kristi Carlson Madeline Clark Betty Crowfoot Faye Denz
Hannah Detherow Elizabeth Galligan Carla Gambla Angel Hadnott Melissa Jones
Sandra Lozano Erika McKenny Kathy Olmstead Kimi Parker Stacey Parker
Peggy Payne Laurie Russell Pickert Becky Reeves Sharon Sajdak Jeanne Sklarz
Nikki Smith Barbara Taffet Monica Ulbricht Kristi Weidlein Shirley Weidlein
Mavis Wendt Lynn Wilkinson Virginia Wolf Rose Zinious Megan Pollock
Irene North Peg Katuin Vicki 'Nana' Knutson - Brenda Sutton - Ann Richard

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