Ukraine Adoption Helper


The founder of Ukraine Adoption Helper, Kelly R. Conaty, MD, has graciously donated a portion of the fees for each completed adoption to Life2Orphans.

His generosity has provided the funding for numerous efforts within our organization.

September 30, 2006 – YTD 

  • Administration Expenses:  With the growth of Life2Orphans we now have a salaried person on staff at the Mission in Portland to handle many of the administrative duties.  This allocation will help offset this expense.
  • Donation to Torez:  Torez Orphanage is home to 350 special needs children.  Torez is an institution where children with both mental and physical disabilities are sent when they "age-out" of the baby houses at 4. These include, but are not limited to, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, cleft lip, limb deformities, and severe mental retardation. We are allocating funds for the specific purpose of providing Arts & Craft supplies as a form of recreational and occupational therapy.
  • Orphanage Special Projects:  Each one of our sponsored Orphanages features a Special Project.   Adoption Helper funding will be allocated to assist the following orphanages in completing their Special Project or Greatest Need:
    • Khmelnytsky
    • Izium Orphanage
    • Zhitomir Internat

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Fourth Quarter 2005 

  • Six Months of Accounting Services:  A critical component of our organization is the ability to properly account for donations received, and the distribution of these funds according to government guidelines for non-profit charitable organizations. We additionally are responsible for ensuring donations are allocated in ways expected by the various donors. Utilizing the services of an accountant knowledgeable in these matters will ensure these needs are met both accurately and efficiently, providing benefit to every individual involved with our group.
  • Shipping Costs for Shoes For Orphan Souls Shoe Donation:  Life2Orphans is fortunate to receive annual allocations of brand new shoes, socks and slippers from the Shoes For Orphan Souls organization. These funds will be used to ship a portion of this donation to many of our sponsored orphanages.
  • Renewal of HUHTC Sponsorship: Adoption Helper funds were used last year to sponsor one of our HUHTC students, Angela Kasatkina.  Angela continues to do well in the program, and we are happy to allocate another portion of these funds to extend the sponsorship of her education for another year.

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Third Quarter 2005 

  • Shipment of H.E.L.P. Donation: Life2Orphans received a large donation of blankets, sheets, medical equipment, clothing, coats and various other items of benefit to all our children from the H.E.L.P. non-profit organization. The money received from Ukrainian Adoption Helper enabled us to ship the majority of these items to many of our orphanages. One of the neediest homes, Torez Special Needs orphanage, received many of these desperately needed items.

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Second Quarter 2005
  • Mykolaivka Internat: To train a new volunteer and get an update on the Help an Orphan project. This project provides direct support to over 200 orphans. The children are matched to families who send them care packages (and hope).

  • Makiivka AIDs Orphanage, Internat Mykolaivka, Antoshka, Roschitsa Plastilin, Clown Parties: To bring some cheer and smiles to over 300 children. This type of party brings some semblance of a normal life to the children.

  • Orphanage #12 Kyiv, Children’s Computer Center: To partially pay for teacher’s salary. This project teaches the children both English and computer skills, significantly improving their educational, vocational and employment opportunities.

  • Christmas 2005: To purchase Christmas gifts for children in various orphanages. We aim to provide 6000 gifts this year.

  • Torez, Special Needs Kids: To purchase most immediate needs (volunteer will be visiting them again during August to make the purchases). The orphanage is home to 350 special needs children aged 4+ and is in terrible condition.


First Quarter 2005

  • Gorodyna: Funds for urgent needs during assessment trip scheduled for April

  • Project Warehouse Automate (scanner and software) to facilitate greatly increased volume of boxes shipping to orphanages

  • Orphanage #12 Kyiv, Project Computers: Shipping of 8 new donated computers

  • Makiivka AIDs Orphanage, Project Food: Nestle baby food purchased directly from the distributor in Ukraine

  • Angela Kasatkina, HUHTC College Sponsorship Project: Annual sponsorship

  • Luda Maruda, Vocational Training Project Orphanage #12: Annual sponsorship

  • Internat Mykolaivka, Project Laundry: Contribution towards commercial dryer

  • Shipping Admin Q1: Payment for admin assistant to track shipping at warehouse

  • Transfer Fees, Q1: Payment for bank charges for transfer of money for numerous projects


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