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Amazon Wish Lists

Many things we can purchase in Ukraine, but in many instances, items are not available or are poor quality or very expensive. We worked out a way for donors to purchase items on Amazon and have the items shipped to our offices. From there we box the items up and have them shipped to the orphanages. We update these lists throughout the year based on the needs of the orphanages.

Even if you can't afford to purchase things on the Amazon wish lists, you can help Life 2 Orphans by adding our organization as your Amazon Smile charity. Amazon Smile is a program where a small percent of the money you spend on Amazon is donated automatically to Life 2 Orphans! A link to the How-to is below along with a link that goes directly to the set-up for designating Life 2 Orphans as your charity of choice. 

How to set up Amazon Smile on the Mobile app

Select Life 2 Orphans as your charity

General Orphanage Needs List

This wish list is for the items that the orphanages all need and use throughout the year. Items include backpacks, socks, and batteries for example. 


Orphanage Toys and Books

This list is concentrated on the more fun things in life, toys and books. We also purchase books in Ukraine, in the Ukrainian language for those that cannot yet read English.

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Orphanage Medical Supplies

While most medicines are purchased in Ukraine, some medical supplies can be bought on Amazon. We also work with MedShare International for more specific medical items. Items available on Amazon include vitamins, first aid supplies, and special spoons and bowls for disabled children.


Amazon Smile

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