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Plea for Ukraine

The Full Story

Life2Orphans, Inc. is a nonprofit volunteer organization that receives and distributes donations, medical supplies, food, and all other support to orphans and the neediest in Ukraine for the past 22 years.
During this time of war with Russia we would like to ask for donations to help support them during this hour of need!
We work with organizations throughout Ukraine and have contacts through 300 Churches spread out over the country of Ukraine.
We are asking you to reach out to these vulnerable orphans, children, families, and the rest of the neediest people in Ukraine. Any amount you can provide will surely be a blessing to them.
Thoughts and prayers for all of Ukraine and friends and families throughout the world suffering from this tragedy.
Bless you for your help and support in Ukraine’s desperate time of need!
Please donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.  
Life2Orphans, Inc. is a collaborative, secular, non-profit organization established in 2002 by a group of caring individuals to advance the physical, mental and social welfare of orphans in Ukraine.
Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit. 


Life 2 Orphans Refugee Center in Poland


Life 2 Orphans is working with a refugee center in Poland to continue our mission to help the people of Ukraine. This center has taken in close to 400 Ukrainians fleeing their homes in the past month. Many of them are orphans, sick, elderly, disabled and young mothers with small children. Medicines, hygiene supplies and food are needed. Please donate towards this cause.

 Refugee Center in Augustow Poland


Updates from Ukraine

Evacuation of Druzhkovka: Orphans Fleeing For Their Lives!

We have the best news!! We finally raised the entire $15,552.00 for all three buses and have successfully evacuated many of the children and young adults from this orphanage.

Update on fundraising and evacuations

We reached our goal for the three buses and will end that fundraiser. And need to raise $2000.00 for repairs for a van to transport refugees. And more for evacuation, food, housing, medical, funds for salaries for caregivers as an ongoing fundraiser.

Evacuation of Druzhkovka: Orphans Orphans Fleeing For Their Lives!

We have such amazing and such wonderful news!!!! We have almost raised the other $9,000.00. We ended up needing three buses for a total of $15,533.00 The relief we have at knowing most of the orphans and caregivers are safe at this orphanage is unbelievable.

We just need another $1,000.00 finish off this fundraiser.

Update on Druzhkovka

The Second Druzhkovka Evacuation Video (three Buses). With tons of love from Druzhkovka, Olga (Director) the orphans and all at Life2Orphans! May you al be as blessed as your have blessed them!


Hello all, we are still raising funds to support those still in Ukraine and working in evacuating those that need and wish it. Megan was in a bit of an accident, so we apologize for any delays in response. Please reach out to Elise Hemmen if anything urgent is needed

The Church serves the people in wartime - refugees

One of our partner organizations has been successful in evacuating many Ukrainian refugees. Click the link to watch the video. 

YouTube Video

Summer Clothing  Drive[2305843009215233464].jpg

Donations to Poland

In April 2022, one of our volunteers visited the refugee center in Augustow, Poland being hosted by the Oficerski Yacht Club Pacyfic. The refugee center had been taking in so many people, so quickly, illness quickly spread. Our volunteer brought a huge duffle bag full of over-the-counter medications, procured through MAP International, and $2000 was sent to purchase prescription medications locally. Later, the volunteer organized a clothing drive for the center, with a local elementary school, and Life 2 Orphans arranged to have the clothing shipped to Poland.