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Life2Orphans was founded by volunteer adoptive parents as a conduit through which other adoptive parents and caring individuals could help to improve the lives of children in Ukrainian orphanages who are waiting to be adopted and those that are left behind.  We know that ultimately it would be in their best interest to be adopted into a loving home.  Life2Orphans, Inc.  provides support to help you through your adoption journey with the help of our volunteers.  Life2Orphans, Inc. is not an adoption agency.  We do this as a voluntary service provided by advocates for adoption.



If You have questions


We are here for you to ask questions, provide information on the process, information about available agencies, facilitators and help with any necessary paperwork. We also provide support with fundraising efforts.  We walk you through the process.  All adoptions have unique circumstances and we are here to help you. You will need to pay for services along the way, for example, to prepare your home study, your adoption facilitator in Ukraine, your driver in Ukraine, and other expenses.  We can provide recommendations and support, but you will be responsible for directly engaging with these service providers.



Children that are available for adoption

Through our work in distributing aid, from time to time we become aware of special needs children that are available for adoption. These available children are listed in a public database in Ukraine.  These children are available for adoption by anyone and we don’t have any control over who will get to adopt them.  We simply pass along information about the possibilities.  Any child that is highlighted as being available for adoption is subject at any time and without warning to being adopted, being taken off the adoption list, or otherwise being not available to be adopted.  We try to update our information with the best information that we have at the time.

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