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Help an Angel Fly

Christmas Sponsorship program

Now through January 7, 2022!

Our goal is to provide a better life for these very special “Angels”.  We wish to give them “WINGS TO FLY”!!!  This program will allow us to continue to provide the essential aid for them to be lifted out of their lives of despair.


For eight years our “Wishing on an Angel/Christmas Cheer” program has provided joy for thousands of children in many orphanages in Ukraine.  This year we are adding another Christmas program “Help an Angel Fly” to provide wings for the special needs Angel Orphans in our Bedridden program.


Each of these children have specific needs that we would like to address for each child. Some of the diagnoses of these “Angels” include severe intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, down syndrome, hydrocephalus, paraparesis, paralysis, cardiomyopathy, diplegia, degenerative diseases of the neurological system, microcephaly and epilepsy.


Many of these children have difficulties with sucking, chewing, swallowing and feeding themselves.  This contributes to an inability to adequately gain weight and grow adequately in height.  Often their speech is delayed or difficult to understand.  They have difficulties with movement and getting out of bed.  They are in need of food with increased calories and texture differences (chopped, pureed, blended and thickened liquids). They need special utensils for feeding (syringes, spoons…).  Some children require special needs equipment including those associated with correctly positioning the child in order to improve the child’s chewing and processing ability. 

Please send an e-mail to with any questions. Be a part of saving a life today of the orphans waiting and left behind.  Please help these children survive until they can get adopted and have a loving family. Please give these Orphan Angels “Wings to Fly” in order to live, eat, talk, play, learn and walk (aided or on their own).  Help the special needs orphans to fly and live life as they should; as human beings surrounded by people who love and care the for them in the ways that we would want our own children to be cared for. 


Please spread the word and be an advocate for these children.  Blog, Facebook, Twitter and share with friends and family.  Please lead others on the road to saving the lives of  these children waiting and left behind so they will not perish and can be adopted and have a loving family.

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