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Whether it's $10 or $100, every little bit can make these children's life better. We make it easy to donate to our mission. You can sponsor an orphanage, a child, or a specific project, or you can help us by choosing us as your Amazon Smile charity. We even have a way you can help fund our work by donating your stocks to us. See the options below AND/OR SEND A CHECK TO: LIFE2ORPHANS, INC., 5859 E. JANICE WAY, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85254


Hearts for Orphans

Little Kira was born with a heart defect that almost killed her. Help Life 2 Orphans help Kira and other children get life saving surgeries and healthcare. 

Volunteer your time to help further our mission remotely or in person. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

Financial donations and donations of clothing, medical equipment, and other needed items is always needed and appreciated. 

We are on Facebook and Instagram. You can connect with us there, email us, or send a message via this website.

Though we are not an adoption agency, we do advocate for the children we work with and assist families with birth family searches


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